Done on bristalboard need practice
my beef of the day
mental health and  politics
place ricthmondhill Ontario can.
krasman center and the liberals
first of all I'm a liberal my father is a liberal but to day I wonder
Was this a move by the liberal party or did Reza Moridi plain it on his own.
To walk in to a insitution for reabilation drug addiction  and mental health with a entourage of about 7 peaple four of them women all good looking is overkill, all wanting to tack pictures .
to do a photo op .
To me  this is back street politics
so vote for Reza Moridi he well tack your picture bout he well forget to give it to you 
To the krasman center smooth move but you do make the rules, we all become braindead .once in a while.
david thompson


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